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If you have an electric car, you can plug your car charger into a regular outlet—but it will most likely take 20 hours to charge your car. With an electric charging station, you can charge your car in just a few hours. But to install a charging station, electricians need to hardwire your car charger into your electrical system.

When you need a new electric charging station in front of your home or business, you need skilled electricians who are experienced in electric charging station installation services. As a licensed, bonded, and insured electric company, A-Phase Electric is your electric source in Glenview, IL.

Installation by the Pros

Installing an electric charging station on your own can be extremely dangerous. The technicians at A-Phase Electric have years of training and experience with electric charging station installations. They know how to follow necessary electric codes and can inspect your charging station to ensure its functionality.

When you call A-Phase Electric, we’ll arrive at your Glenview, IL, home or business with a truck full of electrical equipment. A licensed, uniformed technician will introduce himself or herself to you. And rather than charging you by the hour, he or she will give you an upfront price. Then, he or she will get to work installing your new electric charging station.

Why Get an Electric Charging Station?

Electric charging stations aren’t just a good idea for homeowners. Hotel owners often install them so electric car owners will stay at their establishment. Business owners also find it easier to attract customers when they have an electric charging station on their premises.

Electric cars are the future of transportation, so consider investing in an electric charging station installation. A-Phase Electric is dedicated to giving our customers the customized installation service they want at a price they’ll love.

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